Stefano Avvenente is an Italian Designer, founder and Creative Director of Steve Comely: fashion house of Italian origins for its production linked to craftsmanship and London inspiration for its creative scenario and design culture.

From an early age he approached the world of fashion and art, defined by primary school teachers as a "rebellious and unmanageable talent". In fact, his childhood is characterised by turbulent events which will lead him to formulate a singular character.

“Pain is a light. Pain is true. It puts you in a position to temper your character, to refine your qualities. If you have a fine basic sensitivity and you are able to manage adverse events, you become like a star that shines with reflected light."

He inherits from his father, filmmaker and creative director, magazines and old fashion show cassettes, crucial for the future choices that will characterise his training in the field of design and fashion. Over time he designed a collection entitled Dreamers: sketches and ideas taken from his favourites artists and designers such as Giorgio Armani, Saint Laurent, William Blake, Caravaggio, and Banksy.

Steve Comely

The beauty of Dreams

"When I draw, it can be a dress or a product, I always think about at the added value as a matrix: the expression of events, reflections and moods. Trying to reproduce life itself, a bit like we see through photography. I try to make it expressive through my garments. In fact, it's not just about accomplishing something. It is more, it means being able to leave a distinctive mark over time."

Steve Comely debuts in 2022 with Dreamers. A collection dedicated to art and poem. Essentiality, attention to detail but above all the quality of the materials chosen and attention to the sustainability. A clear vision of ethical fashion, which embraces the simple rules for an agreement of mutual respect with the planet and with the amateur, who will wear a garment designed with a precise history, signed by Steve Comely.

"I think Life is an incredible journey and deserves to be experienced. A diamond, precious and multifaceted at the same time. I would like to dedicate this collection to dreamers, those who believe and struggle hard, those who have faith, those who embrace success and failure equally. Dreamers Collection is a shared dream and I hope it can be a starting point towards more distant stars."