An essential part of our work and commitment as human beings is to make the planet a better place to live. This promise is very clear and intrinsic to our values and our daily work. The challenges are countless and the path is not easy, but the leaders of the new millennium are called upon to respond with strength and determination, without delay. Steve Comely is proud to be a brand that respects the environment and has high corporate value codes to make people's work within the fashion house ethical and sustainable. We think about the product life cycle, from conception to the end customer. A life cycle designed not to harm, but to add value. 

We make our customers and supporters an integral part of our dream. In fact, through every purchase, a percentage of the proceeds is dedicated to non-profit or specialised organisations supporting and safeguarding the planet and other noble causes. Carefully selected for environmental, social and medical issues. Every year we are happy to share our commitment because we strongly believe in a world based on love and sharing. By subscribing to our newsletter or reading our corporate articles in the Features section, you can learn about the organisations we partner with, and how, together with you, we have made life more meaningful. Support us and also be part of an ethical vision of sustainable fashion cultural progress